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I am currently working as a Web Developer doing contract work and looking for a full time job! I have a serious passion for creating unique and memorable user experiences through intuitive and dynamic UI.

NextJS & ChakraUI Boilerplate Nami Wallet Integration image

React App

NextJS & ChakraUI Boilerplate Nami Wallet Integration

This app serves as a jumping off point for viewing the Cardano Nami Wallet within a Nextjs Application. With ChakraUI & Sass


Writing a create component script image


Writing a create component script

Creating modern web applications often includes creating countless components and accompanying files.Even if you are terminal savvy, creating a basic React component would take a few commands...

9/5 · 4min read

Type Warrior image

React App

Type Warrior

This app tests users typing speed in a game with multiple modes, WPM mode and Mistakes mode each with 3 difficulty settings. Built on Jamstack.


Interactive Displays image


Interactive Displays

Deviceful.js lets you spin up some really elegant and interactive displays with very few lines of code. Some ways that Deviceful can help to make your displays interactive are...

6/21 · 2min read

My Favorite Resources image


My Favorite Resources

Whether it is day one or day one thousand, learning as a developer is never finished, and finding resources to assist you on your journey of developing applications for the web can be difficult.

5/21 · 2min read

Brawl Tracker image

React App

Brawl Tracker

This app uses the API from the Steam game Brawlhalla. It displays stats for the top Brawlhalla players per region 50 at a time. DisplaysCurrent and Peak ELO rating and their current win rate.


About My Work

I love Coding things from scratch and making content come to life while creating exciting new things for each of my projects.

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